Click here for Results of the 2005 3D Movie/Video Competition

The Fourth Ever 3-D Movie/Video Competition

Sponsored by the 3-D Movie/Video Division of the Stereo Club of Southern California

Chairmen: John Hart (; Lawrence Kaufman (

Closing Date for Entries: April 30, 2005 

Judging (commencing at noon): May 14, 2005 

Exhibition Dates (to be announced) June, July, 2005 Winners notified by June 1, 2005 Awards and Catalog sent by August 1, 2005


Ray Zone is a 3-D film producer, writer and historian of stereoscopic cinema. An SCSC member and former club President, Ray is now editor of the 3-D News. He has also been a professional and award-winning stereographer for over twenty years and has produced or published over 130 3-D comic books. Zone entered the First Ever 3-D Competition in 1997. A clip of his entry, Electrical Light Parade is included in the 20 Year Retrospective DVD.

Chris Condon is a pioneer in the design of single strip stereocinematography systems for feature films. Chris was the producer of one of the highest earning 3-D films ever, The Stewardesses, as well as Capitol Hill Girls, and Surfer Girls. His company, Stereovision, has provided lenses and technical support for many of the 3-D films shot in the last thirty years.

Dan Symmes is a director, writer and cameraman who has worked on many 3-D features throughout the years. He is president and CEO of his own company, Dimension 3. Dan was a co-founder of Stereovision and a co-founder of 3D Video Corporation, the company that brought 3-D to television. He co-authored the definitive 3-D movie book, Amazing 3-D. Dan was also instrumental in bringing the Hollywood 3-D Film Fest to the silver screen.

Fees and Mailing 

USA: $10.00 US (no return entry); $15.00 US for surface mail return.

 ALL OTHER COUNTRIES: $15.00 US (no return entry); $25.00 US for return. 

Send films/videos with entry fee and application to: John Hart, 3-D Video/Movie Competition, 8730 Wyngate Street, Sunland, California 91040 USA.

Conditions of Entry Eligibility: Films/videos must be produced by the entrant. Previous entries are not eligible. Formats: We are equipped to project 16mm Bolex/Elgeet, regular 8mm dual, super 8mm Powell/Elmo, pulfrich, anaglyph, S-VHS/VHS/DVD (NTSC) field-sequential video (standard play speed). Please inquire about other formats.

Judging Criteria: Submissions will be judged on image quality within the limitations of the format, creativity, 3-D effect, editing and story. Pre-screening will be allowed (10 minute rule).

Liability: All possible care will be exercised in the handling of entries, but no responsibility is assumed for loss or damage of entries during judging or transit. Submission of entries will imply acceptance of all conditions.