Stereo Slide and Card Competitions

The club has 6 slide and one card competition every year.  The scores are tabulated and awards are given at our end of the year banquet.  Also every year we participate in the ISCC (International Stereo Club Competition) where clubs compete with each other using their best slides.  Every year the club also puts on the Hollywood Slide and Card Competition.  This is open to all stereo photographers and is sometimes sanctioned by the PSA (Photographic Society of America).  Acceptances in this competition are shown 4-5 times in the Southern California area.

bullet2005 Viewmaster Exhibition Entry Forms
bullet2005 Video Exhibition forms and results
bullet2004 Hollywood Entry Information (Closing date February 1 2004)
bulletClub Competition Rules
bulletNovember 2002 ISCC results
bulletHollywood Competition 2003 Entry Form Closing date January 16th 2003 (PDF File)
bulletOld Hollywood Information (in no particular order)