ISCC Competitions Report November 2002

by Philip Steinman (SCSC ISCC chairman)

November 2002 Exhibition at Southern CA Stereo Club

The November International Stereo Club Competition Exhibition projected 54 wonderful stereo images from 10 of the most active stereo photography clubs in the world that each chose their most recent top 6 stereo images to send to the host club. SCSC was proud to exhibit this first of three competitions within the ISCC calendar year. The Los Angeles audience was entitled to see what we considered museum quality work of some of best contemporary 3D photography. Our veteran judging panel consisted of past SCSC presidents, which included Susan Pinsky, David Starkman, and Steve Berezin. Susan and David are famous in the 3D world for operating Reel3D Enterprises and Steve is famous for running Berezin Stereo Photography Products. The judges scored each image on a scale of 1-4, allowing each slide to earn a possible 3-12 points. In the case of ties, the judges studied each individual projected image again and awarded a winner. The accumulative slide points for each club are totaled as well as the individual winners listed below. We thank these fine stereo clubs & their accomplished 3D photographers for participating, and special thanks to our ISCC Director, Steve Dudley, for his hard work in organizing all these clubs efforts. We, of course, look forward to showing our 6 images in the upcoming February ISCC to be hosted by Sydney and May ISCC to be hosted by Rocky Mtn.

Club Standings (after 1st of 3 Exhibitions)

Cascade Stereoscopic Club 47

Atlanta Stereographic Assn 46

Sydney Stereo Camera Club 46

Puget Sound Stereo Camera Club 46

Detroit Stereographic Society 43

Cordova Camera Club 41

San Diego Stereo Camera Club 39

Rocky Mtn. Stereo Club 38

Chicago Stereo Camera Club 37

Southern California Stereo Club host

Top 5 (these 5 stereo images qualify for entry in the May ISCC,

where the PSA Gold ISCC Image of the Year will be awarded)

1st Fireworks in 3D Allan Griffin of Sydney

2nd The Old Mill Bill Walton of Atlanta

3rd Amana Morning Russ Gager

4th Repose #2 Greg Marshall of Cascade

5th Laser Tunnel with People Robert McRostie of Sydney

10 Honorable Mentions

Walking Down Park Ave Lee Pratt of Atlanta

Afternoon In Monument Valley Lee Pratt of Atlanta

Pink on Pink Paul Moeller of Cascade

Timberline #2 Mike Kersenbrock of Cascade

Repose #2 Greg Marshall of Cascade

Tools: PushKar Fair Bob Venezia of Puget (Seattle)

Wildflowers on Parchment at Paradise Lodge Grant Campos of Puget (Seattle)

With Prayers Flying Al Stenson of Puget (Seattle)

Red Rock Country Bob Chamberlai of Detroit

Misty Forest Martha Dombeck of Detroit