The Stereo Club of Southern California

invites your participation...

NEW...  All who love 3D and care about it's preservation and continued growth are invited to support the Stereo Club of Southern California's effort in bringing 3D to the public at large.  As the dedicated stereo club in one of the world's finest cultural and artistic cities, Los Angeles, we aim to keep ongoing public stereo related events.  And in so doing, we kindly ask for your contributions as you see fit; 


1) in membership


2) donation of stereo related equipment, art, and other items, 


3) the selling of your 3D things at our annual auction in October, in which 10% or more of the proceeds directly benefit our club.


4) sponsorship of artistic merit awards given to excellence in 3D photography.


5) donation of your time: SCSC organizes and puts on two worldwide stereo exhibitions annually and we need your help.

I thank you for considering this request.  Philip Steinman, SCSC President 2002-4

1) Your annual membership pledge to our club is one of the greatest things you can personally do to help the stereo club.  Since 1955 SCSC has been there to bring people together to share 3D and even if you are very busy one year, your continued support really helps us a lot in collectively putting together all of our annual activities.  If you are not a member, or your membership has lapsed, please join today..

2)  There is a treasure trove of stereo related equipment, art, and other items out there and when you are getting ready to part ways with yours, we know that you have many choices as to where it should go.  In donating your item (s) to SCSC, your generous gift will go directly to the preservation of our stereo heritage by allowing a club of stereo enthusiasts to share in the joys of your stereo item (s).  Too often things nowadays go to the highest bidder who may be a collector storing things in their closet.  So I ask, why move it from your closet to their closet if you do not have to?  At SCSC we use stereo related things on a practical basis which brings on the continuation and enjoyment of the 3D world, thereby making the item invaluable.  Of course, I understand that some things are meant to be collected, carefully preserved, etc.  But I ask you to ask yourself, "What is best for the continued growth and enjoyment of stereo?" each time you decide to part with a precious 3D item.  "How would the most people enjoy your item?"  And moreover, "What legacy can you leave your 3D community with?"  For example, if you love ViewMaster and have more than a box of ViewMaster goods, did you know that SCSC is the only stereo club to annually hold a ViewMaster Exhibition?  The very survival of the ViewMaster format for the hobbyist and individual artist shooting their own images may lie with success and sponsorship of an event like this, as blank discs are hard to find along with their cameras, cutters, etc.

3) Sell Your 3D things at the SCSC Annual October Auction, in which 10% or more of the proceeds directly benefit our club.  Some things you have to sell, we understand.  Try selling them at our annual auction.  Your items will go directly back into the Southern California stereo community and help in it's continued sustenance.  Many items are bought by club members who put into immediate practical use toward their stereo art which they then share back with the Los Angeles 3D world at SCSC.  This is a great thing!  Plus, if you're feeling extra generous, you may indicate that more than the de facto 10% of the proceeds go to SCSC.

4) sponsorship of artistic merit awards given to excellence in 3D photography.  SCSC's annual international stereo exhibitions include the Hollywood Exhibition, in January since 1958, and the ViewMaster Stereo Sequence Exhibition, in June since 1996.    We also have five annual club exhibitions where local Southern California stereo artists showcase their work which are held in September, November, January, March, and May.  We are always looking for people and companies who can sponsor an award and have their name mentioned in our catalog and newsletter. 

5) donation of your time: Your time is your most valuable asset and SCSC would be honored to have your help at any of our above mentioned exhibitions and/or special events.  Any of our club officers would be delighted to hear of your desire to be further involved in an SCSC event.

*SCSC proudly thanks the following members and people for their generous contributions:

* We will put your name here (if you so desire) for any generous donation or gift to SCSC.