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Welcome to the online Bookstore of the Stereo Club of Southern California! We've arranged with Amazon.Com, the world's largest bookstore (so large only the Internet can contain it) to offer you books specifically related to stereo photography and other 3D issues. If you see a title that catches your eye in the list below, just click on it and you will be magically transported to Amazon.Com to find out more about your choice, and to order it if you want. We have purposely avoided including prices in our listing at the request of Amazon.Com, because they can change without notice—however you'll find their discounts some of the best available. Just follow the link for full information on the book.

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General Stereo Related Books

bullet3D Movies: A History and Filmography of Stereoscopic Cinema
by R.M. Hayescover
bulletPeepshow: 1950s Pin-Ups in 3-D by Charles Melcher, Bunny Yeager
bullet3D Sem-Atlas of Insect Morphology: Heteroptera/With 3D Glasses
by H.G. Kallenborn, A. Wisser, W. Nachtigall
bullet3D Wings: Fabulous Flying Machines
by Rick Sammon
bullet3D Model Recognition from Stereoscopic Cues
by John E.W. Mayhew, John P. Frisby
bulletAerial Stereo: Photographs
by Harold Wanless
bulletAnatomy of the Temporal Bone With Surgical Implications/Book and Viewmaster Reels
by A. Julianna, Md Gulya, Harold F., MD Schuknecht
bulletAnthony: The Man, the Company, the Cameras
by William Marder
bulletAstronomy: Journey to the Cosmic Frontier/Book and 3D Glasses
by John D. Fix
bulletAtlas of Stereoscopic Aerial Photographs and Remote Sensing Imagery of North America: Aerial Photographs/Instructors Supplement
by W. Kenneth Hamblin
bulletBeneath the Sea in 3D
by Mark Blum
bulletBugs in 3-D
by Mark Blum
bulletCalifornia in Depth: A Stereoscopic History
by Jim Crain
bulletCartes De Visite in Nineteenth Century Photography
by William C Darrah
bulletCivil War in Depth: History in 3D, The
by Bob Zeller
bulletCreepy Crawlies in 3D!/With 3D Glasses
by Rick Sammon, Susan Sammon
bulletEarly Photography at Gettysburg
by William A. Frassanito
bulletEadweard Muybridge and the Photographic Panorama of San Francisco, 1850-1880
by David Harris, Eric Sandweiss
bulletFlatlands: Stereo Pictures
by Hans Knuchel
bulletGhost Night: An Adventure in 3D
by Neil Johnson
bulletGodzilla Saves America: A Monster Showdown in 3D
by Marc Cerasini, Tom Morgan, Paul Mounts
bulletHolography MarketPlace 1st edition
by Franz Ross, Elizabeth Yerkes
bulletHolography MarketPlace (3rd Ed)
by Franz Ross, Brian Kluepfel, Franz Ross (Editor), Brian Kluepfel (Editor)
bulletHolography MarketPlace 4th edition
by Franz Ross, Brian Kluepfel
bulletHolography Marketplace (6th Ed)
by Franz Ross, Alan Rhody
bulletHumongous Book of Dinosaurs, The
by David Norman
bulletIowa Stereographs: Three-Dimensional Visions of the Past
by Mary Bennett, Paul C. Juhl
bulletKingdom of Giants: An Amazing 3D View of the Prehistoric World
by Joshua Morris
bulletLasers and Holography: An Introduction to Coherent Optics
by Winston E. Kock
bulletNight in the Dinosaur Graveyard, A
by A. J. Wood, Wayne Andersen
bulletPractical Stereoscopic Fundus Examination
by Semes
bulletRed & Blue Illusion Book, The; How to Create 3D Drawings and Other Optical Tricks
by Mark Hiner
bulletReel 3D Enterprises' Guide to the Nimslo 3D Camera
by David Starkman, Susan Pinsky
bulletScaly and Slimy in 3D!
by Rick Sammon, Susan Sammon, David G. Burder
bulletSelected Attempts at Stereoscopic Moving Pictures and Their Relationship to the Motion Pictures Technology 1852-1903
by Mark H. Gosser
bulletStereo Views; An Illustrated History and Price Guide
by John Waldsmith
bulletStereogram Book of Contours: Illustrating Selected Landforms
by Horace MacMahan
bulletStereogram Book of Fossils
by Phillip Sandberg
bulletStereogram Book of Rocks, Minerals and Gems
by David Techter
bulletStereoscope and Stereoscopic Photography, The
by F. Drouin, Matthew Surface
bulletStereoscopic Acuity in Ocular Pursuit of Moving Objects: Dynamic Stereoscopy and Movement Parallax: Relevance to Road Safety and Occupational Medic
by M. Sachsenweger
bulletStereoscopic Atlas of Macular Diseases: Diagnosis and Treatment
by J. Donald M. Gass
bulletStereoscopic Displays and Applications
by John O. Merritt, Scott S. Fisher
bulletStereoscopic Displays and Applications II: 25-27 February, 1991 San Jose, California
by John O. Merritt, Scott S. Fisher
bulletStereoscopic Displays and Applications IV: 1-2 February 1993 San Jose, California
by John O. Merritt, Scott S. Fisher
bulletStereoscopic Displays and Virtual Reality Systems II: 7-9 February 1995 San Jose, California
by Scott S. Fisher (Editor), John O. Merritt (Editor), Mark T. Bolas
bulletStereoscopic Drawing: A Theory of 3D Vision and its application to Stereoscopic Drawing
by Arthur N. Girling
bulletStereoscopic Phenomena of Light and Sight: A Guide to the Practice of Steoscopic Photography and Its Relations to Binocular Vision
by Theodore Brown
bulletStereoviews Illustrated: Fifty Early American
by Russell Norton
bulletUnder the Sea in 3-D!/With 3D Glasses
by Rick Sammon, Susan Sammon
bulletVirtual Reality/Book and 3D Glasses
by H. P. Newquist, Gerald Marks
bulletWild Safari in 3-D!
by Rick Sammon, Susan Sammon
bulletWizard of Oz /With 3D Glasses, The
by L. Frank Baum, Lisbeth Zwerger
bulletWorld of Stereographs, The
by William C. Darrah
bulletZap Science: A Scientific Playground in a Book
by John Cassidy, Paul Doherty, Pat Murphy

Stereograms and Related Books

bullet3D book of angels—a collection.
bullet3D Bible Stories
by Mary Ruberry
bullet3D Night Before Christmas, The
by Clement C. Moore, John Olsen
bulletAnother Dimension.
bulletAnother Dimension 2—The Little Book.
bulletAnother Dimension 2—The Big Book/High-Difinition 3D.
bulletBest of the Sunday Comics Magic Eye.
bulletBoris Vallejo's 3D Magic.
bulletDisney's Magic Eye : 3d Illusions.
bulletDo You See What I See?: 3D Christmas Surprises from the Magic Eye: 3D Illusions
bulletEye Illusions/Blue Cover.
bulletEye Illusions/Green Cover.
bulletEye Illusions/Pink Cover.
bulletEye Illusions/Purple Cover.
bulletEye Illusions—Space Jam—Invasion Of The Monstars.
bulletEye Illusions—Space Jam—Rabbit Rebound!
bulletEye Illusions—Space Jam—Revenge of the Tune Squad
bulletEye Illusions—Space Jam—To the Hoops.
bulletGarfield's Magic Eye: 3d Illusions (Magic Eye).
bulletGod's Miracle Eye: Best-Loved Bible Stories in 3D
bulletHolusion Art, How and Why It Works.
bulletKama Sutra in 3D, The.
bulletLooney Tunes' Magic Eye.
bulletMagic Eye.
bulletMagic Eye—A New Bag of Tricks.
bulletMagic Eye/a Book of Postcards.
bulletMagic Eye Book of Postcards II
bulletMagic Eye Gallery—A Showing of 88 Images.
bulletMagic Eye II—Now You See It ...: 3d Illusions.
bulletMagic Eye—The 3D Guide—A Training Manual
by Marc Grossman & Rachel Cooper
bulletMagic Eye—The Amazing Spider-Man 3d Illusions.
bulletStereogram Programming Techniques
by Christopher D. Watkins, Vincent Mallette
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