Auction Rules

This year, SCSC's annual auction is usually held in October, at the Wilshire United Methodist Church, 711 South Plymouth Boulevard, Los Angeles. It's time to clean out those closets, garages and attics of that old, unwanted stereo or 3D related items (to make room for all the new stuff you're going to buy!). Here are the rules under which the auction is run:
bulletAll sellers must sign in with the Program Director.


bulletBuying and selling is open to everyone attending the meeting.


bulletAll merchandise will be tagged by the seller with the following information: a) name of seller, b) description of item, c) condition of item, and d) starting bid for the item (optional). Forms for this shall be provided. Merchandise form in PDF format print these and fill them in before you come to speed things along!


bulletMerchandise will be displayed on tables for inspection prior to the start of bidding. Without exception, all items for sale must be registered by 7:30pm to be auctioned. Sellers should plan to come early—at least by 7:00pm (6:30pm would be better).


bulletThe Club, acting as agent, collects 10% of the sales price of each item. The seller, at his discretion, can donate a larger percentage to the Club.


bulletThe auction is a forum for the exchange of stereo and stereo-related photographic equipment. The proceeds of any non-stereo equipment sold are donated 100% to the Club.


bulletBuyers should plan to pay for their purchases by personal check, one check per item. Runners will deliver the item to the successful bidder and return the payment to the Treasurer. Checks should be payable to the seller.


bulletAt the end of the auction, sellers can collect their receipts from the Treasurer and pay the Club's share to the Treasurer with a single check payable to the Club.


bulletThe Club is acting merely as an agent in all sales and cannot guarantee the condition or usability of any item. Sellers are expected to be honest and complete in their description; however, be warned that unless the seller offers a "warranty", all equipment is purchased "as-is". Buyers should plan to arrive early to examine items they may want to purchase.

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