Rules for Club Competitions

Here are the official Rules for SCSC Club Competitions, as adopted by the Club Board on July 31, 1991:

bulletThere will be two competition categories: (1) standard stereo, and (2) non-conventional stereo. Standard stereo is defined as all those slides made with a standard 35mm camera (Realist, Kodak Stereo, Verascope, Nimslo, etc.) at normal interocular. Cropping, sandwiching, multiple exposures, filtration and color manipulation are permitted as long as the original chips were made with a standard stereo camera. Non-conventional stereo is defined all those slides made with Exakta / Kindar / Hyponars, Realist Macro Stereo, regular 35mm cameras with the aid of a slide bar, or slides with modified interocular (hyper or hypo stereo) regardless of camera used. Standard stereo slides will be mounted in Realist-format (1 5/8" x 4") mounts. Non-conventional stereo slides may be mounted in either Realist-format mounts or in 2x2 standard 35mm mounts. The Competition Director shall decide the appropriate category of a slide in event of dispute.

bulletMembers will be allowed to enter up to three slides in each of the two competition categories at each competition. If a member enters slides in the non-conventional category, all of that member's slides entered in that month's non-conventional category shall be mounted in the same format (all in Realist-format or all in 2x2 mounts).

bulletThere will be two competitions within each category: an "A" (advanced) and a "B" group (all others). A member may be grouped in the "A" group in one category and the "B" group in the other category. Member's group shall be assigned at the discretion of the Competition Director.

bulletCumulative scores will be computed for each member in each category. Members entering both categories will have two cumulative scores. These scores are not combined. Scores for both Realist-format and 2x2 non-conventional entries will be combined.

bulletEnd-of-year awards will be made to top scores in each group of each category. It is possible for the same member to earn the awards for both categories.

bulletThe two groups within each category shall be judged as one complete group. Each category shall be judged separately. Following each competition the judges will comment on selected slides as time permits.

bulletThere will be five competitions during the year for each category. Both categories shall be judged on the same evening. Realist-format slides will be projected with a conventional stereo projector. The 2x2 format slides will be projected by twin Ektagraphic AF-2 projectors.

bulletScoring shall be from five to nine points.

bulletThe top scoring slides of each group of each category shall be given Award and Honorable Mention ribbons. Number and distribution of ribbons to be awarded shall be determined by the Director.

bulletSlides may not be entered in Club competition more than once during the same fiscal Club year. Slides that have won an Award or Honorable Mention in any previous Club competition in any year, or similar slides whether titled the same or different, may not be entered again.

bulletThere shall be three stereo judges for each competition. A member who is judging shall not enter slides in that competition. Judges will receive a prorated score based on their scores for all other competitions entered during the fiscal year.

bulletAll slides should be mounted in glass. However, to encourage beginners and less experienced to enter, this requirement may be waived in the "B" group. Realist-format slides should be spotted in the lower left-hand corner as viewed in a hand viewer. 2x2 stereo slides will be spotted in the lower left-hand corner of each slide; a red spot will be placed on the left slide, a green spot will be placed on the right slide.

bulletMake-up slides for missed competitions will be allowed only at the discretion of the Competition Director. Make-up slides will not be eligible for Awards or Honorable Mentions.

bulletMembers may not submit more than one set of make-up slides per competition.

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