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Now Available: The 3-D DVD from the Stereo Club of Southern California

The new 3-D DVD from the Stereo Club of Southern California is a compilation of 20 years of footage from amateur and professional moviemakers. This 73 minute long, alternating field format program provides insights into the 3-D movie making technology of the past 50 years, as well as some very enjoyable footage. Much of the material has never been released commercially, and includes short films, videos and computer generated imagery .

If you enjoy watching 3-D video, then you’ll want to get the SCSC 3-D DVD, now available for only $24.95.

To order your copy, follow this link: http://www.ray3dzone.com/SCSC.html

Or telephone 310-377-5393

The SCSC 3-D DVD contains clips from the following 3-D movies and videos:

Ray Hannisian Hot Air Ballooning in the Colorado Rockies -- Ray Hannisian Travels in Guatemala -- VRex Concerto in 3-D -- Oliver Dean An Afternoon of Culture at the Dorothy Chandler -- Ray Zone Main Street Electrical Parade -- Al Razutis Meditations --Al Razutis Nagual -- Al Razutis Virtual Flesh -- Al Razutis Statues -- Larry Ashley Skate 3-D -- Stereomedia Productions New Dimensions in Transportation -- Ray Hannisian A Night at the Opera -- Ray Hannisian Utah’s Canyon Lands, Baja Peninsula -- VRex Robo Jones -- Ron Labbe A Better Mousetrap -- VRex Elysium -- Don Radovich Terror in the Archives -- VRex V-Rex Promo Reel -- VRex Space Rescue -- VRex Wreck of the Rhone -- i-Art Corp. Fairy Tale -- Aaron Ross Cruise the Circuit -- Ray Hannisian A Virtual Visit to New York -- Tom Riederer Ocean Adventure -- Harold Baize Burning Man 3-D: A Burning Question -- Peter G. Hanson Make Your Mark

Plus the following bonus material:

John Hart Getting into 3-D Movies -- Alan Williams The Bolex Stereo 16mm -- Larry Brown The Elgeet Stereo 16mm -- Scott Stephen Direct Anaglyph -- David Starkman & Susan Pinsky The Formation of the SCSC Movie Division -- Owen Western Over/Under Elmo Super 8mm -- Bill Shepard The Powell Unit for Over/Under Super 8mm -- Oliver Dean Consumer 3-D Video -- Ray Zone The 3-D Oeuvre

73 minutes running time, Color, NTSC, 4:3, 3-D Field Sequential, English