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New! Report of 1st 2004 Movie Meeting!

We had a fabulous turnout for a truly enjoyable meeting. There was a real feeling of excitement with some very interesting displays and demos dealing with 3-D movies and videos. It has been several years since the SCSC 3-D Movie/Video division has had a presentation at the regular club meeting. Dr. John E. Hart had the brainstorm to present a twenty-year review of what the 3-D Movie/Video division had been doing. He recruited a large group of volunteers to bring us a very diverse and entertaining evening of 3-D entertainment. Thank you to everyone who participated! I want to also thank the SCSC Board for approving the necessary expense to convert the film-based 3-D projects to a digital format so we could have such a complete and seamless presentation.

If you didn’t make this landmark meeting you missed some of the best clips and complete short 3D movies/videos from the past three SCSC 3D/Stereo Movie/Video Bolex.jpg (57893 bytes)Exhibitions/Competitions and other great projects from the past two decades. Plus included was some insight (and clips) into some of the 3-D movie projects that have been completed over the years. It is about time for another SCSC 3-D Movie or Video project. Does anyone have a script or concept for a short 3-D movie?

Just one year ago it appeared that the movie division was going to disband, but there is a new group of excited enthusiasts. The next meeting of the 3-D Movie/Video division is being planned for November. If you are interested in joining contact John Hart at: movies3d@aol.com. The movies meetings are always a lot of fun with great 3-D discussions, camaraderie and even some 3-D movie/videos being screened.

Several people asked about specific films. Here is a rundown of some of the entry titles from the past 3D Movie/Video competitions many were featured:

3rd Ever (1999):
1st place - WRECK OF THE RHONE by Armando Jenik
2nd place - THE COLOR OF GOLD by Jan Welt. Story of the gold rush with
old stereo views used.
3rd place - NAGUAL by Al Razutis
HM - V-REX PROMO 1999 by Rob Johnson
FAIRY TALE by Mr. Wu (i-Art)(Taiwan)
MAKE YOUR MARK by Peter G. Hansen


2nd Ever (1998):
1st place – MOUSETRAPPED By Ron Labbe, a humorous take on the board game Mousetrapped.
2nd place – STATUES By Al Razutis, shot on location at the Musee Du Louvre in Paris, France

3rd place - ROBO JONES by Rob Johnson, an animated CGI take off of Indiana Jones - watch out for that spear.
HM - ELYSIUM by Xavier G. Ojeda, CGI clips from a planned feature-length space adventure.
HM - HUNKS IN 3D by Marvin Jones
HM - SKATE 3D by Larry Ashley, some wonderful dolly shots as the skaters in the video keep moving (until gravity or the ground gets in the way). A very catchy soundtrack.
HM - SPACE RESCUE by Dave Swift, a CGI ridefilm that had underwater animation as well as space travel.
Also entered:
STEEL DRUMS by Snowy Egret Video, a musical piece featuring steel instruments.
A NIGHT AT THE OPERA by Ray Hannisian, a very funny 2 minute wrestling short – Great editing!
TERROR IN THE ARCHIVES by Don Radovich, 25-minute video shot with the NuView video attachment.

1st Ever (1997):John Hart.JPG (278151 bytes)
Weekend Panorama – Wes Western
Nature Trail to Hell – Bill Shepard
3D Zombies From Outer Space - Alan Williams
The End – John Hart
Concerto in 3D - V-Rex (1st)
Virtual Flesh - Razutis (2nd)
Virtual Imaging - Razutis (3rd)
The Cultural Afternoon - Oliver Dean
Meditations - Razutis
Dean Fogal: Corpoeal Art - Razutis
Out of the Window - Williamson
Main Street Electrical Parade - Zone
A Day in the Life of Curly - Josephson
Clean Water for Korea - SM
Hot Air Ballooning in the Colorado Rockies - Hannisian
Travels in Guatemala - Hannisian
Cirque Du Soliel - Stereomedia
World Tour: Peter Gabriel - SM
Journey to Natural Bridge - Northcutt