SCSC 3D Quiz
Objective: answer 7 questions correctly.

1. The star of the first 3D comic book was:

Beanie and Cecil
Mighty Mouse
Captain Kangaroo

2. When mounting slides, once you have aligned the film chips the way you want them in an aluminum mask, the next thing to do is:

Tape each chip to the mask along one edge only.
Tape each chip to the mask along two opposite edges.
Immediately seal the mask and its chips in glass.
Immediately seal the mask and its chips in a cardboard fold-over.

3. House of Wax was directed by:

Franz Waxman
Vincent Price
André deToth
Arch Oboler

4. A volumetric image created by lasers is called:


5. The man most closely associated with 3D comic books:

Edwin Land
Ray Zone
Charles Wheatstone
Eadweard Muybridge

6. Photographer famous for taking stereo views of the Civil War:

Earl Colgan
Louis Daguerre
Alfred Stieglitz
Mathew Brady

7. A famous Russian 3D movie of the 1940s was based on the classic novel:

Robinson Crusoe
War and Peace
Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm

8. When taking stereo photos, common wisdom suggests this ratio for the distance to the nearest object, based on the distance between the lenses:


9. The movie star most closely associated with stereo photography:

Harold Lloyd
Fay Wray
Ray Bolger
Boris Karloff

10. The first United States president photographed in stereo:

Dwight Eisenhower
William Howard Taft
Martin Van Buren
Abraham Lincoln

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