If you live in the Los Angeles area, or if you simply want to keep up on activities in the global 3D community, consider membership in the Stereo Club of Southern California. Membership includes many 3D benefits, among them monthly meetings (including five 3D slide competitions per year), workshops on various 3D techniques, an annual 3D equipment auction, 3D slide exhibitions, subscription to our newsletter, the 3D News, and unique and stimulating 3D programs. Twice a year, in July and December, the club hosts a banquet, to which members, families and guests are invited. But the most important benefit is in the membership itself. People who belong come from all types of fields and arenas of artistic and photographic creativity. Conversations are diverse, interesting and are a good source for learning more about what is going on in this field. 

Club membership includes use of the club library which has 3D movies, stereo slides and books on 3D that can be checked out.

Levels of membership include:

bulletSingle Membership - $30 per year
bulletDual Membership (spouses and significant others) - $40 per year
bullet3D News (Hardcopy) Subscription only - $20 per year
bulletOverseas Subscriptions to 3D News - $25 per year
To inquire for full details about membership in SCSC, send an E-mail note to our Membership Director, David Kuntz.

Below is an online membership form.

SCSC Membership Form

Please submit this form and then PayPal your payment to:, if you don't like to use PayPal please contact for payment information.  Or send a check for the appropriate amount to:

David Kuntz
28409 Quailhill Drive
Ranchos Palos Verdes, CA 90275
Fax: 310 377 4362


Please provide the following membership information.  Many fields are optional:

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Choose one of the following membership options:

Single Membership - $30 per year
Dual Membership (spouses and significant others) - $40 per year
3D News (Hardcopy) Subscription only - $20 per year
Overseas Subscriptions to 3D News - $25 per year

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