SIRTS Generator Instructions

This program generates a stereogram consisting of alternating rows of ASCII characters in which a shape of your choosing appears to "float" above the background when the pattern is free-viewed in parallel.
  1. On the main page, create your pattern by clicking on the checkboxes—each box with a check will appear to rise from the background on the finished SIRTS.
  2. If you wish to change the ASCII characters that form the finished picture, type your new characters in the two boxes provided.
  3. When you are finished with your creative choices, click on the "Create" button and watch the computer do its thing.
  4. The finished stereogram is built in its own browser window. To return to the main page, simply close this new browser window.
  5. Unfortunately the graphic in this new browser window can't be printed or saved directly. To save your work, highlight it using click and drag, then use the "Copy" command in the edit menu to place it on your clipboard.

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