Who is SCSC?

The Stereo Club of Southern California was established in the Greater Los Angeles area in 1955 by a dedicated group of amateur 3D stereo photographers to further the art and science of stereoscopic photography. For more than four decades members have been meeting monthly to share images created through classic slide photography, non-standard photographic stereo imaging and, in more recent years, computer generated stereo imaging. 3D continues to retain its power of novelty and excitement as technology has progressed.

The Stereo Club of Southern California is organized for the purpose of promoting the art, enjoyment and science of 3D photography. This is accomplished through monthly meetings which typically include 3D slide projection programs, workshops, slide competitions, field trips, discussions on 3D ideas and techniques, purchase and ownership of equipment necessary toward the fulfillment of the above, and many other 3D related activities.

The 3D News
This is the club's monthly newsletter. It features information and articles of interest to the 3D photographer, technical information, and reports of activities of the SCSC. Each issue contains a 3D Calendar of Events, plus letters, tips and other items of 3D interest. News of upcoming competitions and international exhibitions is also included. Articles are welcomed from all readers. Subscriptions are available to those not interested in participating in club meetings and activities.  We archive the News in PDF format for those interested.

Visitors and guests are always welcome at the monthly meetings held on the third Thursday of each month at 7:30pm. We meet at the Wilshire United Methodist Church, 711 South Plymouth Blvd., just off Wilshire near Crenshaw, west of downtown Los Angeles and south of Hollywood. If you would like to attend a meeting, no advance arrangement is necessary, but be sure to check the schedule of meetings on this website for current information about the location of a meeting before attending. Most meetings include 3D slide projection using the polarized 3D glasses and silver screen technique. This allows the group to share their images, be they photographic or computer generated. Guests are always welcome.

Information on SCSC Membership
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