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Parallel 3D test image page

If you are having trouble seeing in 3D

Before looking at the 3D films, try viewing these test images :

The red circle should appear farthest away and the yellow should appear closer. If you cannot perceive the 3D effect, adjust your distance from the screen.


Can you guess which object is closest?

Which way is the box pointing?

If you are still experiencing trouble seeing in 3D

You may belong to the 5% of people who are unable to see in 3D. If, using any glasses, you cannot perceive the depth in these pictures or films, or if you can see in 3D but only at the cost of eye strain or headache, you may be suffering from vision problems.

Several ocular conditions can cause inability to perceive 3D (even if these do not necessarily affect our daily lives), such as:

Amblyopic or lazy eye
Convergence insufficiency (difficulty maintaining clear focus, especially at close range)



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