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Notes about software for the Samsung and Mitsubishi displays:

Both the software packages (Stereoscopic Player and TriDef Visualizer) that we offer with the Samsung glasses have different strengths and weaknesses.  For these reason we recommend getting both to get the most our of your display.  However, if you are only going to get one this is a guide to help you decide.

For DVDs:
The Tridef software requires WinDVD or Power DVD.  Stereoscopic Player does not require that.  
For Video files such as Stereoscopic Avi, Mpeg...
Both will play them.  However Tridef requires certain naming conventions.  This requires that files on a disc are moved to the hard drive and renamed before playing.  If you already have a large amount of 3D video files we would recommend using Stereoscopic Player because of the amount of work that goes into renaming the files.
For Videos or still images stored as two separate images:
Only Stereoscopic Player will work with these.
For Games and Google Earth:
Only TriDef will work on these.  It comes with several game drivers included and others can be purchased.
Converting 2D to 3D Video:
Only Tridef will work on these albeit not incredibly satisfactorily.
Working with 3D still Images:
Unless they are separate files Tridef seems to work a bit better on these.  However, they do require naming conventions. 

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