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LANC Shepherd

Remote   Kit    SLR Version  Details    Instructions

Wired Remote for Stereo Video and Digital Stereo Photography

This product was created by Rob Crocket after he nearly ruined a digital camera trying to wire shutter buttons together for stereo photography. He came up with this device that controls twin digital cameras, and allows exposures, even with flash, that are remarkably well synchronized. The advantage of the LANC Shepherd over other digital twinning systems are:

1. Synchronization system is separate from the cameras.  As digital cameras go out of date the same system can be used with new cameras, so the Shepherd never goes out of date.

2. No need for a dedicated 3D camera, the digital cameras will work separately when 2 D photography is needed.

3. The digital read-out allows you to know the degree of synchronization. 

4. The Lanc also works to synchronize video cameras. 

It synchs exposure, shutter, focus and zoom!

This device has two cables, one for each camera, and simply plugs into the "ACC" port of each camera (or LANC port on video cameras). It uses microcontrollers to coordinate synchronized camera power-up and power-down, focus lock, shutter, and zoom functions, and to display on an LCD the synchronization of the cameras' internal electronics.

Note the LANC SHEPHERD and SLR SHEPHERD are out of stock until January 2012- Please take that in consideration when ordering.

103 LANC Shepherd Stereo Remote (for video and still applications) $434.95

More Details

Compatibility: This device uses the "ACC" port on upper end Sony digital cameras and the "LANC" port on newer upper end Sony and Canon video cameras. It has been tested on the Sony Mavica MVC-CD500, and the Cybershot line including the DSC-S75, DSC-S85, DSC-V1, DSC-V3, Sony DSC-828, DSC-S717 and the Sony DSC-R1 (new). and most other Sony and Canon video cameras with a LANC port.  

How it works: The LANC port (called "ACC" on Sony digital cameras, also sometimes called 'Control L') uses a proprietary Sony synchronous serial protocol. The camera provides a digital framework that the controller has to fill at the appropriate moment with commands and identifying information. Timing for sending commands has to be right to within a few microseconds (microsecond is 0.000001 seconds). The LANC allows for this communication.

USER MANUAL: Additional information about the LANC Shepherd, detailed user instructions, and more stereo pictures are included here.

The Pictures: Here are a few sample images done by the inventor or the LANC Shepherd that show its flexibility. The first three stereo images here were obtained using a pair of Sony DSC-V1 cameras, using a Sync Shepherd to monitor the sync and twinned remotes to take the exposure. The last picture was obtained using the LANC Shepherd. These images all open in a new window. Optimized for screen resolution of 1024x768 or higher, 32 bit color.

Crossed View Parallel View 256k.
Nevada City, CA
A squad of revolutionary war drummers warms up for a local constitution day parade.

Crossed View Parallel View 170k.
Agate Beach, Patrick's Point State Park, in northern California. Shutter priority 1/500 sec, fill flash right camera. 

Crossed View Parallel View 378k.
Owens Valley, along the eastern Sierras, California.
The breeze here made some of the aspen leaves flutter like giant butterflies.

Crossed View Parallel View 275k.
South coast Hawaii, the big island. Lava from Pu'u O'o crater.

Elements of this page and all photos are by Rob Crockett Copyright 2004, All Rights Reserved.

Digital Camera LANC Synch 3D Suite

This suite includes everything needed for synching two Sony digital cameras with LANC ports (see the list of the compatible digital cameras), attaching them, converting and combining your images, and viewing your images.  This remote will synch two separate but identical digital cameras for incredible synch for even sports shots.   twinbarkit_copy.jpg (747593 bytes)
LANC Shepard Digital Remote, with two outlets.  Synchs exposure, shutter, focus and zoom!
Twin Camera Bar- Mounts 2 cameras, made of machined aluminum
3 pair MiraChrome 3D glasses
10 cardboard anaglyph 3D glasses- Share with family and friends
3 Anaglyph card viewers
Pokescope Pro Software- Convert your images to Anaglyph or Side-by-side (or many other modes).   Great for sharing images and making stereocards, straight from the lab!
1 Lorgnette- View your side by side stereo images on a computer or in printed form. 
1 AO Viewer 
1 Postview Stereo Viewer-  Share your side by side stereo images in printed form. 


158 Digital Camera LANC Synch 3D Suite 604.95
328S Suite Upgrade to include a Screenscope Handheld viewer (Regularly $119.95, purchased with Suite 109.95) 109.95