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Hill Country Women

Note from Author Steven Schwartzman

"hillcountrywoman.jpg (14202 bytes)In this book I've combined the natural beauty of the Texas Hill Country with the beauty of some of the women who live in Austin. Both the people and the places vary quite a lot. A few of the women are artists, one works in a bank, a couple work for the state government, one is a photographer, one a lawyer, one makes videotapes, and one even sold flowers on street corners when I met her. As for the places, probably the most exotic one that appears here is an abandoned quarry outside the tiny town of Cedar Park where great fossil-shelled blocks of limestone are heaped up into huge pyramids. The cliffs and rocks of the Colorado River, as well as the river itself, also appear several times. Even two cemeteries proved to be fine settings. Good can be found everywhere. It's just a question of looking for it. I've kept my eyes open for the gracefulness and spirituality of women, so those are the qualities these pictures reflect."

This book first published in 1980 contains about 14 images of stereo pairs of Texas women in black and white duotones.  Our copies are newly found old stock, in new condition, we have a limited number of these books available.  These have parallel stereo pairs.

6922 Hill Country Women
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