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For Windows

PokeScope Image Pro Series Stereoscopic Software
For Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP Only

PokeScope Pro Professional Edition
A great choice for advanced and professional stereo photographers. Provides many useful and specialized editing tools adapted for stereoscopic images.

Version 2.6 introduces: 

* Improved cropping and alignment
* Advanced cropping functions

Version 2.2 introduced: 

* Improved two file input mode
* Saving program state variables in slideshows

If you work with stereoscopic images, this program will save you a lot of time.
Order Includes free upgrades to future versions 2.x!  

Screen Mode

Each program provides a screen mode which is optimized for viewing stereo images and an edit mode which is optimized for editing stereo images. For example in screen mode, images in the side-by-side format are scrolled in stereo so that large images can always be viewed with the PokeScope 3D Viewer . Also in screen mode the interlaced format is compatible with zooming and scrolling images. When screen mode is disabled, the output version of the image is displayed.

Stereo Mode

Each program has a stereo mode which enables stereo format conversions and stereo editing functions. When the stereo mode is not enabled the stereo functions revert to their non-stereo versions. The Professional Edition has many more stereo functions than the Standard Edition.

Two and One File Input Modes

Each program allows stereo pairs to be loaded from either one or two files. The Professional Edition provides more options for automatically searching for pairs from two files.
Use with: Anaglyph glasses, PokeScope 3D viewers, Liquid crystal shutter glasses, most 3D viewers for computer screens, and Holmes Stereoscopes, See our viewer page for a complete listing.

Complete Feature and Comparison list  For Windows Only

3854 IM 3D Pro Professional Edition stereo imaging software (no Viewer) 2.6 for Windows 79.95

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