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Civil War Authentic Stereograms

Reprinted after 20 years this 3 reel View-Master set contains rare authenticcivilwar2.jpg (30906 bytes) stereographs taken at the time of the Civil War.  This is your best chance to see these views in stunning 3D.   See them as Mathew Brady and other wartime photographers meant them to be seen.    See below for the contents or the 21 images.

37887   Civil War Authentic Stereograms  $4.85

The Civil War 

Authentic Stereographs 1861-1865

Reel 1:1861-1862

1. Water battery of Fort Johnson facing Fort Sumter, SC.

2. North wall of Fort Sumter. War began here, April 12,1861.

3. Sally port of Union Fort Slemmer near Washington, DC.

4. Confederate winter quarters, Manassas, VA.

5. The Union ironclad ship Monitor dented from battle, 1862.

6. Union guns during month-long siege at Yorktown, VA 1862.

7. Lincoln sits for his portrait after battle at Antietam, 1862.

Reel 2:1863-1864

1. Meade's Gettysburg headquarters after shelling, July, 1863.

2. General Grant in field headquarters.

3. Union supply trains in Nashville railroad depot.

4. Confederate fortifications around Atlanta, CA, 1864.

5. Confederate railroad depot and supply wagons at Atlanta.

6. General Sherman in Union lines outside Atlanta, CA, 1864.

7. The ambulance corps evacuates wounded soldiers.

Reel 3:1864-1865

1. Grant's Council of War at Massaponax Church, VA, 1864.

2. The Confederate-run Libby Prison in Richmond, VA.

3. "Dictator" railroad mortar before Petersburg, VA, 1864.

4. Ruins of Richmond looking across James River, 1865.

5. Confederate President Jefferson Davis and family after war.

6. Pontoon bridge made with boats over Appomattox River.

7. Grand review of the Union Armies, Washington, DC 1865.




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