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Cradle Stackers for Stereoscopic Projection

These stackers hold 2 projectors and are made for the quick "on-the-fly" adjustments that are needed for stereoscopic projection.  The shelves are adjustable with both regular and knobs for fine adjustment (on all four corners).  The top shelf also has a left right adjustment while the bottom shelf has a back and forth adjustment.  Each also has a "fishtail type" rotational adjustment.  Dimensions are on the drawings below and are in inches.  Below are optional accessories to increase polarized filter lifespan.



5470 Cradle stacker, shelf size 10 inch x 19 inch 1,235.00



Same as above only larger for larger projectors. 

5471 Cradle stacker (large), shelf size 19 inch x 33.5 inch $1395.00


Here are optional accessories to add to your cradle stacker.  The fan and the filter holder will increase the lifetime of the polarizers that you put in front of your projectors.  These attach to the unit which helps when the unit is mounted in hard to get to areas.  

DL21472 Attachable Optional Fan Assembly $465
DL21473 Attachable Optional filter holder $465



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