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Folding Medium Format Slide, Stereo print and Ipod (or smartphone viewer) Viewer

The M3D

This versatile viewer comes with 12 views of landscapes, animals... and will work with views you create, parallel views from an Ipod or other smartphone or Medium format slides that such as those mounted in our medium format slide mounts.  

You will have to find a way to secure your device (Velcro or other mounting method).


M3D M3D Viewer  $11.95


m3d.jpg (42814 bytes)
m3dwithcards.jpg (64069 bytes)  





Plastic Medium format slide mounts

These are made especially for our Medium Format 3D Explorer viewer.  It is made for mounting Medium Format slides that are 2 1/4" x 2 1/4" (6cm x 6 cm).  They are made of black plastic. Each box includes 10 mounts.

361MM Plastic Medium Format Mounts (Qty. 10) 29.95

Dual Format Slide Cutter

Use to this to cut roll slide film into accurate frames. The film formats of most stereo cameras, while using conventional 35mm slide film do not have conventional (8p) slide formats.  Most are smaller.  This necessitates that one must have the film processed without cutting or mounting.  At this point the film must be cut and mounted by the photographer.  This is a guillotine style cutter and while non-illuminated can be placed on a light box for illuminated use.  Our model model which handles both medium format (120 or 220) and 35mm film.

264M Dual Format Slide Cutter 29.95

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