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Playstation 3D Attachment   

Brand NEW!

The world's only and our exclusive eyeFX 3D Adapter for the Sony Playstation 2. Elevate your game play with stunning out of the screen action where objects really come off the screen and the terrain goes right in - to give you a full stereoscopic 3D video game experience. Compatible with all certified stereoscopic 3D Playstation video games. Time Splitters, Ace Combat, Drop Ship, Lara Croft, James Bond and more can now be played with 3D excitement.

115 PlayStation 2, 3D Attachment with shutter glasses 59.95 New Low Price $39.95!

What is 3D:

Stereoscopic 3D is the effect that is seen when two separate images are shown to each eye. The 3D that is generated is real stereoscopic 3D - not fake 3D. Wearing LCD 3D Glasses, it turns your television into a window that gives the game player a serious advantage in games such as Drop Ship.

eyeFX 3D is the only true stereoscopic Playstation system in the world


The eyeFX 3D Adapter connection is simple - just plug your controller into the eyeFX Adapter and plug the eyeFX adapter into your controller port. The eyeFX 3D adapter has no buttons on it - all the settings are done with your controller.

The unit comes complete with eyeFX dongle, shutter glasses and complete manual. Also compatible with i-glasses and compatible virtual reality head mounted displays (HMD) and face mounted displays (FMD). Note - that to use the eyeFX on a high def / LCD / Plasma television you will need to purchase the eyeFX High Def converter (sold separately and not yet available).

See the current list of compliant games.


SplitFish GameWare are gamers making products for gamers. Each eyeFX 3D comes with a 1 year warranty. Click here to download the complete manual.


115 PlayStation 2, 3D Attachment with shutter glasses 39.95

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