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New book release !!!

Pop-Up 3D

Discover Phantograms, Fantastic & Fun Natural 3D Pop-Ups
by Barry Rothstein, Steve Hughes & Steve Boddy


The book's cover is not a 3D image. It is however the right-eye half of a phantogram. It differs from a normal photograph in that the narrowing effects of perspective have been reversed out.




sea shells

the fly


myrtlewood bowl
This long awaited children's book of phantorams is an 8-1/2" x 11" in size and featuring thirty-two pages of 3D wonder, the images are enjoyable for all ages. The text is geared for ages 10 and up, describing the basic nuts & bolts of how 3D imagery works. Almost all of the images are viewed with standard red-cyan 3D glasses (2 pairs are provided with the book).

While principally introducing its readers to phantogram imagery, there are also opportunities to free view stereo pairs, and contrast the differences between traditional 3D and phantograms. Finally Pop-Up 3D encourages it readers to try 3D imagery for themselves, pointing out a tutorial on this site and a link to a free download of StereoPhoto Maker.

It begins with a wonderful two-page spread of drawn phantograms by Steve Hughes, and includes some amazing photographic phantograms by Steve Boddy. 

Unlike traditional 3D images, which are viewed straight on, and can show remarkable depth between foreground and background, a phantogram is viewed from above and at an angle. A phantogram is an optical illusion, a special class of 3-dimensional photography. Phantogram images miraculously rise off the printed pages, perfectly realistic phantoms of the real subjects photographed. The illusion is accomplished by the systematic mimicry of normal vision. This first-of-its-kind book represents a dramatic raising of standards for printed anaglyphs (color-filtered 3-dimensional images). To date phantogram images have been seen by very few other than 3D photo hobbyists.

"It's difficult not to reach out to try to touch them (almost everyone does). The WOW effect is practically universal, both for adults and kids."

See the other Phantogram book Phantograms from Nature.

6872 Pop-Up 3D  $19.95

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