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ScreenScope Handheld 3D Viewer for prints 

We now offer the ScreenScope Handheld.  This views parallel stereo pairs on computer or on printed matter. It can view side-by-side images on the computer as well as large side by side stereo photos printed photographically or on the computer. 

This fixed mirror version can view side by side pairs with centers around 6 inches apart.   It is made with optical quality front surface mirrors.

  • Provision for personalized viewing lenses.
  • No screen flicker: Greater user comfort.
  • No expensive hardware upgrades are required.
  • Minimal setup time. As easy as "Clamp and Play"
  • Easily transported.
  • ABS molded stereo head.
  • Optical quality mirrors

Screenscope Handheld Fixed, Mirrored Stereoscopic viewer

Screenscope Handheld Fixed, Mirrored Stereoscopic viewer

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