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Samsung or Mitsubishi DLP Stereoscopic Player Software Settings

Connect Cables
Connect the cable from the DVI port on the graphics card to:

Samsung DLP TVís: The HDMI 3 Input

Mitsubishi DLP TVís: Any HDMI input. However, you must name the appropriate input "PC" or "Game" using the on screen display (OSD), in order for 3D to be activated.

Connect the audio from the PC to your audio amplifier or receiver through either USB, optical SPDIF, or analog (1/8" mini stereo).

Plug the infrared transmitter into:
Samsung DLP TVís: The "3D Sync Out" port on the TV

Mitsubishi DLP TVís: The "3D Glasses Emitter" port on the TV.

Turn the computer on;

 if this is a new computer, complete the software installation
To view 3D, you must:
Set your DLP Televisionís input to the correct source.

Samsung DLP TVís, switch the monitor source to "HDMI3" if it is not already selected.

Mitsubishi DLP TVís, Switch monitor source to "PC" or "Game" HDMI input.Make sure the PC is set to output the native resolution of your DLP TV. This will be either 1080P or 720P.

Set the PC to 60 HZ refresh, at a resolution of 1920x1080. 

Only a single DVI output is needed. 

Follow instructions below depending on which software you are using.  For Stereoscopic Player, for TriDef.

If Using Stereoscopic Player Software:

Set Stereoscopic Player to field-sequential interlaced DVD if using one of our 3Ddvds.

Set Viewing Method to 3D Ready . 

DVI > HDMI cable is required.

Plug into HDMI #3 on the TV. 

Enable 3D in the TV's setup menu, and the shutterglasses transmitter will plug right into the VESA 3pin connector on the TV's I/O panel. 

Hit play, check to make sure the image is not pseudo and it works. Since the  TV scans internally to get 120 Hz, as there is no flicker in the 3D image. 

If using Tridef Software:

Put the PC in 3D output mode. There are several programs that will allow you to see 3D:

  1. TriDef DVD Player will play back a 3D formatted DVD, or convert a normal DVD from 2D to 3D. It also allows you to change the strength of the 3D effect. Please note: WIN DVD is required for this software.
  2. TriDef Media Player will convert many movie and image formats (.AVI, .MOV, .MPG, .WMV, .JPEG) from 2D into 3D
  3. TriDef Visualizer for Google Earth allows 3D viewing of certain file types, including supporting the ability to view Google Earth content in 3D.
  4. TriDef Game Drivers will allow you to play games in 3D.
With the 3D software turned on, the image on the TV will appear to be a blurry double image, as both left and right images are being seen by both eyes. (Some content, such as splash screens, may not render in 3D).

Activate the 3D on the television.

For Samsung DLP TVís

    1. Press the 3D button on the TVís remote control. There are three viewing modes. The mode will appear at the bottom of the screen when you press the 3D button. These modes are:

DLP 3D/Dual-View: OFF

DLP 3D/Dual-View: ON-STD GLS

DLP 3D/Dual-View: ON-INV GLS

The first button press displays the mode. A second button press while the mode is displayed will change the mode.

The monitor should be in "DLP 3D/Dual View ON-STD GLS" or DLP 3D/Dual View ON-INV GLS" mode. The LED on the transmitter will turn on if either 3D mode is on. There is no difference between the two 3D modes.

For Mitsubishi DLP TVís

Use the "Menu" button on the remote and navigate to the "FX Gaming" tab. Turn the 3D on using the on screen display (OSD) controls.

Turn on the glasses and put them on.
  1. Some models of glasses have an "on" switch over the left eye. To turn them on, simply press this button one time once the red LED on the infra red transmitter is on.
  2. Other models of glasses turn on simply by opening the temple arms and putting them on.
  3. Please note: removing the glasses from the infra red stream for several moments will turn them off.

At this point, you should be seeing 3D while wearing the glasses, and a double image when not wearing the glasses.

If you are seeing a single image, but it does not look correct, the eyes may be reversed (your left eye is seeing the right image on the monitor, while your right eye is seeing the left eye image). To correct this, open the control panel for the DDD software and change the viewing mode. If it is "Normal", choose "Reverse". If it is "Reverse", choose "Normal".


In order for 3D to work, the PC must be plugged in to the appropriate port on the DLP Television. Please see "Connect Cables" on page 1 of these instructions to insure you have the cables properly connected. Please note: changing the source via the OSD on your DLP Television will turn the 3D off.

The blurry double image indicates that 3D is being generated by the PC. If you do not have this image, please review section the "To View 3D" section of these instructions.

On the Samsung DLP Televisions, if the red LED on the infra red transmitter is on, 3D is active.

On the Mitsubishi DLP Televisions, the red LED on the transmitter will be on when ever the transmitter is plugged in, and the televisionís power is turned on.

If you see a double image with the glasses on, check to make sure the glasses are turned on.

  1. Some versions of the glasses have an "on" button you need to depress. Other versions turn on simply by opening the temple arms.

  2. Make sure the infra red transmitter is pointing at the glasses and the LEDs are not blocked. You should be able to see the transmitters 2 clear LEDs

  3. Replace the batteries in the glasses as necessary.

Make sure your resolution is set at the DLP TVís native resolution (either 1080P or 720P).



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