DIY Dual Cable Release for Film Cameras

Dual Cable Release 

by Richard Rylander

Click for a slightly larger view.

A dual cable release is an item that's pretty easy to build yourself, and very inexpensive. The image above shows one I put together for about $10 (two $4.95 cable releases, a bit of angled aluminum, and a piece of plastic 1" x 1/2" x 1/4"). I would suggest you remove (unscrew completely) the time exposure locking screws if the releases you use have them. "Dynamic synchronization" is achieved by rocking your thumb until you begin to feel resistance in both plungers. This kludge has worked well for me, never "locked up", and the price and availability couldn't be beat. 

Editor's NoteAnother suggestion to refine the above technique has been to remove the two thumb pieces and replace it with a single piece of plexi-glass.  This would be made easier by starting with cable releases which have screwable thumb pieces. This is for vintage film cameras with traditional mechanical releases. 

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