Colección: Anaglyph 3D Glasses

Anaglyph paper glasses, a simple yet ingenious optical tool, have found their niche in the world of three-dimensional entertainment. These lightweight spectacles feature two different colored lenses, typically red and cyan, which work in tandem to create a stereoscopic effect when viewing specially designed images or videos. By filtering out specific wavelengths of light, anaglyph glasses ensure that each eye perceives a slightly offset image, resulting in the brain's remarkable ability to fuse them together, producing a striking illusion of depth and dimension. Whether used for immersive 3D movies, captivating virtual reality experiences, or educational purposes, anaglyph paper glasses continue to be a cost-effective and accessible means to explore the exciting realm of three-dimensional visual media.

Which color you choose depends on what system the media was generated in.  Usually it is red/cyan but sometimes it is red/blue or green/magenta.  Plastic is good for durability, paper for low cost.  Our AnaChrome glasses are known for their high fidelity as are our proviews.