Colección: Map Reading Books and Scopes (Hubbard)

HUBBARD'S 3-D PUBLICATIONS have been used at the university level for decades in teaching air photo interpretation, geography, geology, and other related fields. Students have learned more about these subjects in a shorter time because the 3-D images make these books much more interesting and informative, particularly in cases where spatial relationships can't be visualized by looking at flat 2-D images. 

Each of these 8½x11-inch (21.5x28 cm) books has been written or edited by an expert in the field, and although they were designed for student use, many non-students enjoy the 3-D images. To make the books easier to use, we've rebound them with Wire-O bindings so they lie perfectly flat for ideal 3-D viewing. 

Also included here are our map reading stereoscopes designed for field use by geologist and others who need a pocket stereoscope.