Viewmagic Handling Instructions

Handling and Cleaning the Viewmagic

Our Viewmagic 3-D viewer has been manufactured from the highest grade materials and precision manufacturing methods. Treat it with care and it will give you many years of satisfactory viewing enjoyment. 

Never expose the viewer to extreme temperatures. 
Never leave the viewer exposed to direct sunlight. 
Never immerse the viewer in liquids. 
Never expose the viewer to harsh solvents. 
Never leave the viewer exposed to the elements. 

Your viewer contains glass mirrors. Do not expose it to conditions that will cause the glass to break. 

Never drop the viewer. 
Never throw the viewer. 
Never sit or stand on the viewer. 
Never push directly on the mirror surfaces. 
Never allow small children to play with the viewer unsupervised. 

The mirrors inside your viewer are high-quality, first-surface mirrors. This means that the reflecting layer is on the front of the mirror instead of on the back, like ordinary mirrors. Even though they have a special, scratch-resistant coating, these mirrors are easier to scratch than regular mirrors. Keep them from getting dirty to prevent additional cleaning. Do not touch the mirrors with fingers-they will leave smudges and require extra cleaning. 

Clean the mirrors carefully, when needed, with a cotton swab dipped in glass cleaner. 
Polish with a dry cotton swab or a lint free cloth. 
Clean the outside of the viewer with a damp cloth and a mild detergent. Wipe with a damp cloth.
Don't do this!
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