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Berezin Stereo Photography Products manufactures viewers, and other products used by stereo photographers. In addition we offer quality View Master Reels, View Master Books, viewer repair books, reproduction stereo cards and books about stereo photography.

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We service hobbyist, ophthalmic photographers, 3d mapmakers, kids and adults who love 3d, electron microscopists, professional 3d photographers and collectors.

Berezin Stereo Photography Products was founded to supply low cost solutions to the problems associated with viewing Realist format slides. In the heyday of Realist format stereo slide photography there were a great number of viewers available, however, today most of those products are aging and/or expensive if available at all. 

Active stereo photographers, curators and collectors will entrust their slides to our archival slide pages. We also offer what many people consider to be the bible of stereo photography, The World of 3-D, A Practical Guide to Stereo Photography by Jacobus G. Ferwerda.
For active stereo photographers who prefer prints to slides we now offer two viewing products. The inexpensive Lorgnette card viewer for viewing stereo prints and side by side stereo images on the computer screen and the Hyper-View™ large format print viewer, a museum quality viewer (perfect for gallery, museum, large computer screen and even at home) for larger prints. For an inexpensive way to view and distribute your 3D photos the Mini plastic stereoscopes will view any card up to a little over 5" wide. It has a little brother too for smaller cards.We also carry 3D glasses of all types! Including for Spy Kids!


Berezin Stereo Photography Products, a pioneering company at the forefront of delivering exceptional stereo photography solutions to enthusiasts, professionals, and businesses worldwide. With a steadfast commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction, we have established ourselves as a leading name in the stereo photography industry.

About Us: At Berezin Stereo Photography Products, we pride ourselves on our extensive experience and expertise in the field of stereo photography. Our journey began decades ago when our founder, a passionate stereo photography enthusiast, recognized the potential for creating cutting-edge products that elevate the art and technology of capturing stunning three-dimensional imagery. Since then, we have been dedicated to developing and manufacturing state-of-the-art stereoscopic equipment that revolutionizes the way our customers perceive and capture the world around them.

Our Products: Our comprehensive product range encompasses a diverse selection of stereoscopic photography equipment, catering to both amateur and professional photographers. From innovative stereo cameras and precision-calibrated lenses to advanced viewing devices and immersive 3D display solutions, our products are designed to exceed expectations in terms of performance, quality, and usability. We are continually pushing the boundaries of technology to deliver the most immersive and visually captivating stereo photography experience possible.

Why Choose Berezin Stereo Photography Products?

  1. Unrivaled Expertise: With a team of passionate experts and engineers, we possess unparalleled knowledge in the realm of stereo photography. Our in-depth understanding of the art and science behind stereoscopic imaging allows us to create products that lead the industry.

  2. Cutting-edge Innovation: Innovation is the cornerstone of our success. We invest in research and development to stay ahead of the curve, constantly introducing groundbreaking features and technologies to enhance the capabilities of our products.

  3. Uncompromising Quality: Quality is at the heart of everything we do. We adhere to rigorous quality control standards at every stage of production to ensure that our products meet the highest benchmarks of performance, reliability, and durability.

  4. Customer-Centric Approach: We value our customers above all else and prioritize their needs. Our responsive customer support team is always ready to assist, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience for every client.

  5. Global Reach: Berezin Stereo Photography Products are trusted and utilized by customers around the globe. We take pride in our extensive international presence and our ability to serve a diverse clientele.

Our Mission: Our mission is to empower photographers with the tools and technology to capture awe-inspiring stereoscopic imagery that transcends the boundaries of traditional photography. By fostering a deep appreciation for the art form, we aim to elevate the world of stereo photography and inspire creativity and innovation in the industry.

At Berezin Stereo Photography Products, we are passionate about the art and science of stereo photography, and we invite you to embark on this transformative journey with us. Experience the world in three dimensions and unlock a new dimension of creativity with our exceptional range of stereo photography products.

Contact us today to explore our product range and discover the possibilities of immersive stereo photography!