Directions for the Wheatstone Miniscope

Instructions for the use of the Wheatstone Miniscope


This viewer is designed for stereo pairs from smaller than Holmes size, 3.5" x 7" for the pair, to larger than 6" image separation. It is used for viewing prints or computer monitor viewing. To use the viewer simply line up the image in one eye so it is properly centered. This may require you to be from 1 foot to over 3 feet away from the image. Using the knob on the top of the viewer adjust the image so it is centered. The knob does not adjust smoothly so it may take a few attempts to get it just right. If the knob is turned too much in one direction it will stop working and must be turned in the other direction. Open the other eye; adjust the knob until both images are close to being superimposed. This may require a slight tilting of the viewer and moving in or out towards the images. Be patient, the results are worth it!

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