Collection: Side by Side or Sensio DVDs

These are all factory sealed Sensio or SBS 3D DVDs.  They are in squeezed (1/2 width) format. 

These can be viewed on some 3D TVs using 3D Blu Ray players but not all.  They can also can be used with our Stereoscopic Player Software to be viewed using other methods such as full width side by side and anaglyph and also connected by computer to a 3D TV. 

On a computer they can also be viewed in anaglyph using stereoscopic player and some other software.  Also they can be viewed using our side by side viewers either by using the software or with any viewers that can change aspect ratios on the video to two times the usual width.  

These are of interest to collectors as they are rare to find as new old stock in factory sealed condition.