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Beamsplitter For Stereoscopic Stills and Video

Introducing the pinnacle of stereoscopic beamsplitter technology available today, meticulously crafted to seamlessly integrate with your current mirrorless camera setup (camera not included). Engineered to surpass the most stringent benchmarks in both durability and performance, our beamsplitter guarantees years of unwavering, dependable service.

Our 3D lens is mounted on the popular full-frame mirrorless camera. It contains two lenses facing the left and right halves of the full-frame sensor, which captures both halves of the image simultaneously. This makes it both synchronized and simple, to the point where it's as easy as shooting 2D footage. The resulting footage is immediately in standard 3D file format, with none of the complications or laborious post-production work associated with shooting 3D. This also makes it easy to broadcast live 3D images.

Our stereo lens is indeed considered top-of-the-line 3D photographic equipment. Its advanced features include the ability to capture 8K video and 61 million pixels, along with the availability of top-tier 3D monitors and viewfinders. These capabilities surpass those of previous 3D devices that often cost hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars. With our cost-effective stereo lens and reflective VR glasses, you can achieve all of these high-quality results at an affordable price.
Below is some edited video footage using the lens.  Please note that we have edited it only to change from native R/L format to left right. 

Splitter Video


Beamsplitter Coming Soon!

Beamsplitter Coming Soon!

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