Collection: Filter Squares for Projection

First Quality Polarized and IR Protection Filter Squares and Holders for 3D Projection

Please see below for information on our linear and circular polarizers and heat filters.  Attachment will depend on your projectors (no mounting gear is included). Be careful not to mount these polarizers too close to your lenses as excessive heat will damage or crack the polarizers. Projectors vary in heat generation so please monitor when using. Please cover the entire surface of the filter with the projected light to eliminate hot spots. Try our filter holder and heat absorbing filters to extend the lifetime of your polarized filters! Polarizing filters are not returnable. Also, please use our filter holders to minimize heat on your filters. 


All our glass and plastic linear and circular polarizers are made by American Polarizers. 

API manufactures linear and circular polarizers for a wide range of 3D projection systems. Their polarizer filters are superior in clarity, resolution, and performance. 3D linear polarizer and circular polarizer filters are available in acrylic (no coatings) and glass (anti-reflective coatings on both sides). Their linear and circular polarizer filters

are designed for high transmission and low image ghosting. The circular polarizer filters consist of a linear polarizer and a special achromatic high temperature/low haze quarter wave retarder. Combined with our years of experience with optical laminations, our laminated filters offer excellent clarity and resolution.

We stock these for quick shipping.

  • Linear polarized
  • Circular polarized with high performance achromatic waveplate
  • glass substrates
  • Excellent resolution & clarity
  • Superior extinction & contrast
  • Custom axis available

Heat Absorbing Glass

Rosco's Super Heat Shield Filter deflects heat from the color filter, minimizing the effects of high temperatures. Properly used, it increases the life of polarizers and color filters in very hot fixtures and projectors without reducing light transmission.

Super Heat Shield deflects convected heat due to an extremely heat stable polymer base and properties inherent in its resin. Super Heat Shield is generally used to protect color filters in long range applications, especially when using dark colors such as blues and greens.

Super Heat Shield should be positioned between the lens and the polarizer or color filter, allowing space on each side of the filter for the escape of heated air. Extenders which allow at least 1/2" of air space on each side of the Super Heat Shield will permit adequate venting and insure the longevity of the Super Heat Shield filter.

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