Duke Marsh's DIY Clip Viewer for Viewing 3D Photo Books

Duke's Clip-on 3-D Viewer

An inexpensive innovation for viewing parallel stereo pairs in the 4" X 6" print format.

Material list:

Argus/Loreo mini viewer. 

Mini photo album of the two-ring loose-leaf binder type for 4X6" prints .
Models vary, but the one I used cost $1.96 at Walmart, and was labelled "Tropical MMX-100."
The front and back covers should be about 6.25" wide for optimum focus distance.
A quarter-inch variation is acceptable.

A spring-loaded plastic clip with adhesive backing.
I used an iClip which cost less than $3.00/pair at Office Depot.

The unmodified Argus/Loreo mini viewer with a package of two iClips (the blue one is in use).

The back of the viewer must be removed by separating the hinge.
The remaining tab with the hole should be cut off.
The iClip is then attached to the bottom.

Bottom view of the viewer with the clip attached

The viewer clipped to the side of the photo album.
After viewing the pics on one side, the viewer is clipped to the other side.

Bottom view of photo album showing clip/viewer attachment


Holding the album in viewing position.


Album could also be laid on a table if holding becomes tiresome.
In this case, the back should be propped up for more comfortable viewing.


The height of the viewer lenses should be approximately even with the center of the pictures,
and they should remain nearly parallel with the picture plane (not hard to maintain once you "lock it in").

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