How to make your own slide bar for 3D!

One way to make a Slide Bar for Stereo Photography

This is how one person made a quick and dirty home made slide bar.   

"...I started with a drawer slide that has ball bearings in it (not the real cheap ones with plastic pieces).  This can be acquired at a home store for under $7 or at a surplus store for under $2.  I then prepared to add a piece of wood about 1/3" wide to each side. 

Slidebar 1.jpg (9376 bytes)

On the bottom I drilled a 1/4" hole in the wood and added a T-nut that matched a tripod mount.  On the top piece of wood I added a bolt that had been cut with a hack saw and threaded it through a small T-nut that has a collar small enough not to protrude through the wood.

I used small screws to attach the wood to the slide using holes that were already in the slide.

Slidebar 2.jpg (11722 bytes)

The camera has to be screwed in manually as I did not make provisions to have the screw turn on its own.  I then add the whole assembly to a tripod and can do everything from hypers to macro work.

Slidebar 3.jpg (6998 bytes)

There are many areas where this can be improved but it is a great quick and dirty way to improve 3D shots over cha-cha...  The precision is not as good as some of the better slide bars but is dependant on the quality of the drawer slide.  Some of the more heavy duty ones should work much better.

Slidebar 4.jpg (5772 bytes)

Parts List

drawer slide
two 1/4-20 T-nuts
1/4-20 bolt
two pieces of 1/3" thick wood
8 small screws to attach wood to bar

This is not for sale :-)..."

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