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Repair Manual for the Fed Stereo Camera


This book is an indispensable resource for the owner of any Fed Stereo Camera.   Due to the peculiarities of the Ukrainian design and the rarity of the camera most repair people have little knowledge of the camera.   The 7P format and the auto-exposure make this one of the most popular modern stereo cameras.  The manual is an 'English' translation of the original factory manual and although accurate, does not have the highest production value.  However the figures and the information is invaluable. 

Example of some txt:

 7.5. Assembling of frame counter. Take out rear cover 89 (fig.2) according to 6.1. Put plate with frame counter levers on axle "A" of cocking mechanism (fig.2). Fix it by two screws pos. 36, 38 (fig.2). Put washer 86.04.042 and plate 102 on plate with levers (fig.3). Fix them by screw 52 (fig.3). Set spring 92. Put up axle with levers 57 (fig.2) through hole in camera body until it stops and, holding axis to prevent its axial movement, put 1 101, 55 and spring 99 on axle. Fix this set of parts by screw 100 (fig.3). Put wheel 94 with spring 95 on plate of frame counter. Connect the spring to stick 90 (fig.3). Make cocking of the spring, moving the gear clockwise until it stops at finger of the plate, then lift up. move and the gear on the rear side of the plate. Put rear cover 89 on camera body (fig.2). Set disc 35 (fig.2) with gear 94 so and 56 of lever 55 (fig.2) would touch edge of the disc and be in one third of the cave from first tooth 57 of the disc. Set disc with numbers 37 (fig.2) with gear 9d, so initial mark "6" of the disc 37 would be as shown on fig.2. Fix position of the disc 35 and disc 37 by washer 53 (fig.2). Set upper shield. 17 and lower shield 3 (fig. 1), according to 7.1. and 7.3.

Fed Stereo Camera Repair Manual

Fed Stereo Camera Repair Manual

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