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The only achromatic 2 x 2 viewer made today!

This viewer combines sharp optics with interocular adjustment in an affordable format.   Interpupillary adjustment allows the user to adjust the spacing between the lenses depending upon what their individual eye-spacing is.  It is the famous PinSharp®  viewer with 47mm FL glass achromatic lenses inserted.   An Achromatic lens is a system of lenses joined in order to minimize color and shape distortions (chromatic and spherical aberrations) that are inherent in a single lens system.

Like other 2 x 2 viewers (also known as twinned format, 50mm x 50mm) the SuperSharp is designed to be used with 2 35mm slides shot with either one 35mm camera (shifting with either the cha cha method or a slide bar), a twin camera (two monoscopic cameras paired), or a full frame stereo camera such as the RBT.  With this viewer, the two separate 'conventional' slides can then be viewed with no special mounting for the film necessary.  Alternatively have the pairs made from the Fuji W3 Stereo camera (or any digital stereo pair) made into slides (places such as will do this) and view them with this! Here is a link to the instructions. 

Boris Starosta, renowned 3D photographer (winner of the PSA gold - Best of Show award at the 1999 Hollywood Exhibition) said of the viewer,

I've been looking for an affordable improvement on the Pinsharp for over a year - until now without success. Seems the next step up has been in the several hundred dollar range at least. Too much for me. So you can imagine my happiness with this little viewer, after so long a wait.  This little viewer is just right. Very affordable, simple, efficient, perfect for everyday use.

Supersharp Achromatic Viewer

Supersharp Achromatic Viewer

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