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4X Pocket Stereoscope perfect for mounting stereo slides when more magnification is needed, 2x is easier for beginners

Ideal for Students and Professionals

Our 4X and 2X magnification pocket stereoscopes are ideal for students and professionals as a field and office tool. The use of high quality glass lenses and strong construction ensures top quality images. Made by Stereoaides of Australia. Select power in variants. Great mapscopes for many uses.  


Materials: Tough, durable ABS plastic for all parts.
Legs: High Grade Stainless steel.
Lenses: Crown glass lenses.
Magnification: 4X or 2X
Storage: Vinyl plastic pocket.
Weight: 0.12kg (0.22lb)

4x and 2x Pocket Stereoscope Plastic

4x and 2x Pocket Stereoscope Plastic

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