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3D Lorgnette (Zine Viewer) with replaceable lens

Tired of throwing away your 3D Lorgnettes because they are getting grungy.  Here is an environmentally sensitive solution, throw away only the lens and not the body or the lorgnette.  We offer this solution which works for stereo pairs up to around 6 inches (15.25cm) total.  This is the kind seen in journals such as the ISU's Stereoscopy, LA3D Club Newsletter and the British Stereoscopy Society Journal.  

The viewer also has a hole for adding a chain or other anti-theft device making it ideal for some museum application.  We can quote on adding a chain if needed.  

The focal length of the lenses are approximately 7 inches (17.8cm). 

3D Lorgnette (Zine Viewer) with replaceable lens

3D Lorgnette (Zine Viewer) with replaceable lens

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