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3D Past and Present, Book with Viewmaster Reels

by Wim van Keulen
Softcover book with 3 View-Master Reels

3-D Past and Present is an excellent full-color work that covers a lot of 3-D ground. Its many topics include 3-D basics, some history of 3-D and stereo cameras, uses of 3-D, holography, and a large section on the history and development of View-Master 3-D.

Three superb View-Master Reels are included that show a wide variety of subjects, including views reproduced from antique stereocards, views from nature and scientific applications, and some of the cartoo3-D Past and Presentn views produced by View-Master over the years.

This book is a good introduction to 3-D for all ages; its broad coverage contains something of interest for everyone and its clear explanations are easily understood even by those who have no experience with 3-D.  

3D Past and Present, book with 3 Viewmaster Reels

3D Past and Present, book with 3 Viewmaster Reels

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