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Calendar 3D

Calendar 3D

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2003 3D Calendar!

Stop! Do not buy that boring, regular, 2D calendar for last year. Why? Because you can now get a 2003 3D calendar complete with 13 full color, full size stereo photographs by renowned 3D photographer Dale Walsh. You can cut the views out and use them in your stereoviewer. Sure its out of date, but it will be perfect for 2025! Its worth the purchase price for the views alone! Thanks to the way calendars repeat this is now in date again for 2025!

The calendar is spiral bound for easy viewing (lies flat) and can be viewed with a lorgnette or with our Wheatstone Mini-scope or hand-held ScreenScope. The calendar can also be put where the cards are placed in a conventional Holmes stereoscope and viewed using that method. The dates and locations of next years NSA, PSA and ISU Conventions are clearly marked in 2 different places. After the year is up the cards can easily be cut out (there is a dotted line in the back of each page) and saved as conventional stereoviews!

It was printed commercially on Kalima 10 point paper using a recto-verso, litho offset 4 color process at 2400 dots per inch (DPI) with a line screen of 175 (LPI) lines per inch. This means you can view it with magnification without any dots visible.

Plan ahead, it will be good for 2025 2031 2042 2053 2059 2070 2081 2087 and 2098.

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