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Haunted Castle Side-by-Side DVD

Format: DVD Rated: PG ( Some frightening sensations and Horror Images ) Running time: 2 hours, 12 minutes

Product Features: 

2D and 3D versions included 
Director's commentary 
Making of featurette! 
Theatrical Trailer 
Electronic Press with Film Clips, Soundbites and Behind the Scenes Only available as part of Product Special. The spirit world is about to be rocked...

A young musician is summoned to his mother's castle in accordance with her final wishes. Upon his arrival, Johnny quickly discovers that things are not as they appear. The castle begins to come alive as materializing spirits lead him to Mephisto (voiced by Harry Shearer), the ghoulish henchman to Mr. D (also Harry Shearer), who makes Johnny a tantalizing offer. The same offer that his mother accepted over twenty years earlier: surrender your soul in exchange for fame and fortune...

Experience a whirling visual thrill ride as Johnny explores the underworld of the castle to the explosive climax where Johnny confronts Mr. D and fights to free his mother's spirit! Also features a 3D and 2D Virtual Image Gallery.

"...delivers 3D thrills and eye-catching surreal effects" --NY times

"A razzle-dazzle visual feast!" --Hollywood Reporter

"Nothing short of astounding!" --Edmonton Sun Do you dare step through the doorway!

This like all DVDs on this page is in SBS (Sensio) 3D format. For use with our shutter glasses or Stereoscopic Player Software.  


Haunted Castle Sensio 3D DVD

Haunted Castle Sensio 3D DVD

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