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Encounter in the 3rd Dimension

Format: DVD Rated: PG ( Intense images ) Running time: 57 minutes

Product Features: 

  • 2D and 3D versions included 
  • Director's commentary 
  • Making of featurette! 
  • Theatrical Trailer 
  • Electronic Press with Film Clips, Soundbites and Behind the Scenes Only available as part of Product Special. The spirit world is about to be rocked...

Join Elvira - Mistress of the Dark in the 3rd dimension...

Join Stuart Pankin and Elvira - Mistress of the Dark on a groundbreaking venture into the realm of 3-D filmmaking, where captivating computer generated imagery mixed with live action thrills abound. Encounter early incarnations of the third dimension, from a recreation of one of the earliest 3-D movies ever made to classic clips from Hollywood's 3-D heyday during the 1950's to modern creations such as James Cameron's theme park attraction, Terminator 2: 3-D. Experience the wildest 3-D adventure ever created for the giant screen!

"In an era of eye-popping digital effects, it's easy to feel like you've seen it all before. Encounter in the Third Dimension... is proof that you ain't seen nothin' yet!" -- Newsweek

" Packed with seat belt-required sequences that showcase the thrills of large -format 3-D. Wildly Imaginative!". -- Hollywood Reporter Please make sure to get Shutter Glasses .

This like all DVDs on this page is in field sequential 3D format. For use with our shutter glasses or Stereoscopic Player Software.  

Encounter in the 3rd Dimension 3D DVD Field Sequential

Encounter in the 3rd Dimension 3D DVD Field Sequential

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