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Wild Alaska Viewmaster Views!

21 3D Viewmaster images on 3 reels. Immersive views that may be seen in Alaska's wild areas in 3D! A captivating new way to explore the outdoors and learn about the unique and breathtaking landscape of Alaska. Adventure awaits!

Eskimos of Alaska
Reel A:
1. Indian Tribal House, Totem Park, Ketchikan
2. Haida Indians carve miniature totem poles. 3. World's largest fur-seal herds, Pribilof Islands 4. Sea bull jealously guards his harem of cows. 5. Eskimo mukluks for the tourist trade
6. The Alaska brown bear fishes for salmon. 7. Igloo of logs and dog sled, Unalakleet
Reel B:
1. Dog teams relax during long days in summer. 2. Eskimo boy and his Husky pup 3. Nome Eskimo kayak and hunter's harpoon 4. King Islander uses bow drill on walrus tusk ivory. 5. Mail plane at Wales, nearest mainland to Siberia
6. Walrus hides drying for "skin boat," Wales. 7. New generation Eskimo mothers and children

Reel C:
1. Salmon drying in the Arctic sun, Kotzebue. 2. Eskimo whaling boat and humpback whale
3. The thick blubber is sliced from the whale.
4. Children chew "muktuk" whale skin and blubber. 5. Eskimos dance to rhythm
of skin drums, Barrow. 6. Eskimo boys snare candlefish at Barrow-70 degree North. 7. The sun at midnight over the Arctic Ocean

Eskimos of Alaska View-Master 3 Reel Pack

Eskimos of Alaska View-Master 3 Reel Pack

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