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Gepe 35mm Slide MountsClick for larger image.

Take the GEPE glass slide mount advantage.  Your slide is protected against pollution, dust, fingerprints and scratches. The air exchange system enables the slide to «breathe» which helps to eliminate bacterium and Newton rings.

The Anti-Newton glass prevents Newton rings.  The enclosed glass  mount prevents penetration of dust. The slide is safely held in place with the clips of the metal-mask (illustration).

During the projection The slide stays absolutely flat to ensure a focused projection of the whole image. (see illustration) The edges of the metal-mask ensures absolutely sharp edges around the image.

Quality of selected materialsClick for larger image.

Since only High grade plastic with a temperature resistance of up to 100 °C (212 °F) is used, a longer projection without the risk of damage to the mount is possible. Solid construction with two inter-locking halves ensures perfect stability of the mount.

These are all 2 mm thick and fit all Standard and DIN slide trays & 80 round trays.  They will not fit 140 slide trays!

Click for larger image. 21 x 28mm Box of 20. good choice where both vertical and horizontal cropping is necessary. Can also provide image height cropping of European format stereo slides.

Click for larger image. No. 6802 (24 x 32mm): Box of 20.  This mount is 4mm narrower than full-frame 35mm making it a perfect solution where slight width cropping is necessary. This allows for mounting compensation when parallel convergence settings are used exclusively.

Other Sizes Available, please see below. 

Gepe Mounts box of qty 20 (Assorted Sizes)

Gepe Mounts box of qty 20 (Assorted Sizes)

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