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Gunnar Gliff 3D Glasses carton of 2


Best of all worlds. Gunnar Gliff 3D Glasses combine the precision, strength and grace of a metal frame with the flexibility, sculpture and fit of an injected frame.

Intentionally rigid around the lenses, Gliff minimizes frontal flexing that distorts optics, but maintains a soft and forgiving fit in the temple region to accommodate a wide range of faces. A frame without compromise, the styling of this performance eyewear is punctuated with chrome metal accents and a high gloss finish. Finished with custom machined lenses embedded with i-AMP3D lens technology, Gliff's performance brings professional grade optics into the consumer's reach. RealD™ compatible. Works in all RealD theatres, LG and Vizio Passive 3DTVs, Passive 3D Computer Monitors and other circular polarized 3D settings. 

Premium 3D Glasses

• Thick hard plastic molded lens thickness for dimensionally stable, ultra precise optics;
• 6base curvature for more panoramic viewing, better eye protection, and face contoured fit;
• 20% more light transmission compared with traditional disposable eyewear;
• Hard coated lenses extend lens durability;
• 97+% polarization efficiency. Eliminates "cross talk" and ghosting;
• RealD compatible. Works with RealD theaters, passive TV sets, and most 3d monitors and laptops;
• Ergonomic spring hinges adapt to a wide range of comfortable fits.


Gunnar Gliff Glasses Carton of 2

Gunnar Gliff Glasses Carton of 2

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