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Historic Puerto Rico 3 Reel Viewmaster Pack

Enjoy Puerto Rico with the 3D view master set with 21 images. The vibrant colors and stunning 3D depth will bring Puerto Rico to life. Let this incredible set take you on a journey through the beautiful landscape and captivating culture of this unique Caribbean island.

Historic Puerto Rico

Reel A

1. El Morro Fortress/ Fortaleza

2. Interior, El Morro

3. Old San Juan Cemetery/ Cementerio Antiguo

4. San Jose Church/Iglesia

5. Caleta del Hospital

6. San Juan Cathedral/ Catedral

7. Interior, Cathedral/ Catedral
Reel B

1. Governor's Mansion/ Mansión del Gobernador

2. El Cristo Chapel/Capilla

3. Old/Antiguo San Juan - Vista Aerea

4. Statue of Columbus/Estatua de Colon

5. Interior, Fort San Cristóbal/Fuerte de San Cristóbal

6. San Cristóbal/y El Morro

7. Island from the East/ El Este de la Isla

Reel C
1. Fort/Fuerte de San Gerónimo
2. La Puerta de San Juan

3. Plaza de Aibonito

4. Parque de Bombas, Ponce
5. Ponce Cathedral/ Catedral
6. Ponce de Leon Statue/ Estatua
7. Porta Coeli Church/ Iglesia

Historic Puerto Rico 3 Reel Viewmaster Pack

Historic Puerto Rico 3 Reel Viewmaster Pack

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