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Loreo Lite Viewer

The Lite 3D Viewer is a Parallel Format (side-by-side) Print Viewer made of card paper. It also works well as a Computer Monitor Viewer for medium sized images. Cheap, lightweight, foldable and mailable, it folds flat to the thickness of its lenses (7 mm) and fits into a 4 x 6 photo album sleeve. It is suitable for viewing 3 1/2" x 5"  and 4" x 6" prints, and 5 - 7 inch wide images on a computer screen.

The Loreo Lite 3D Viewer is made from plastic coated white card paper with the inside surface printed black to create the dark viewing chamber.

This viewer enables 3D enthusiasts to send 3D prints and images to friends and family along with an economical viewer to view them with. This handheld viewer also makes it easier to view prints in photo albums, instead of having to pull them out and put them in the deluxe viewer. It is also suitable for viewing side-by-side images produced by other 3D devices, such as twinned cameras, Stereo Realist, Cha-Cha etc. 


Loreo Lite Viewer for Stereo Pairs on print or on screen

Loreo Lite Viewer for Stereo Pairs on print or on screen

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