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The Man With F.E.E.E.T. 3 Reel Viewmaster Setfeeetpack.jpg (176475 bytes)

NY Stereoscopic Society co-founder Eric Drysdale (The Colbert Report, The Daily Show) premieres "The Man With F.E.E.E.T.," a set of 3 View-Master reels with 21 photographs in eye-popping 3D, accompanied by a 12-page read-along storybook.  View-Master Expert Sheldon Aronowitz called it, "One of the best View Master Reels I've ever seen."  We here at Berezin Stereo agree.  It has excellent color saturation, great 3D effect and it is funny!  These reels are viewable in any View-Master Viewer.  See sample images below.

Paraphrased from the packet, "For one man, a routine trip to the shoe store changed more than his shoes- It changed his life!  That day Jack Strider splurged on a pair of tasseled loafers...and with the help of the US government made them the most scientifically enhanced shoes in the world...He now uses them to fight crime!"  FEEET, stands for Footwear-based Electronic Engineered Emulation Technology!

Come see the reel which won the award at 3D Con 2019 for best of show!

We also recommend the audio accoml

Once you've received your reels, download the view-along soundtrack narrated by John Hodgman and featuring the cast to listen along.  

Click here for an interview with Eric Drysdale regarding the reel.  

 Sample Images for Reels


Man with FEEET 3 Reel Viewmaster set with Booklet

Man with FEEET 3 Reel Viewmaster set with Booklet

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